Biggest Loser Nanaimo

Lose the Winter Blues and the unproductive habits Biggest Loser Nanaimo Starts February 29th- Ends April 11th. 6-week weight loss program. $488.25 Per Person   (3 face to face workouts a week, 2 in a 6 am group one private training session and an easy to follow meal plan) Are you ready to update your… Read More


Strategies for a winter well lived is the focus of today’s message. We are the conductor of our lives. We consciously and unconsciously attract and create health and joy by the way we think and treat others and ourselves. We get to decide what kind of a life theme we create and orchestrate. if we’ve… Read More

Shannons Fitness Success

As I sit here on my 36th birthday, I can’t help but feel grateful.  I am grateful for my health, for my energy and for all of the people who have helped me get here.  I am probably in the best shape of my life thanks to some pretty amazing people. I have always dieted… Read More

Win in Your Life

The journey of a life well-lived has many rooms, many paths, many choices, the message I’m sharing today is connected to how we take care of ourselves as we move into the winter season. December is getting closer it’s a time of year that can be crazy-making if we don’t have or build a (Win/Win)… Read More

2020 Group Strength Training

Group Strength Training  JANUARY 7th – Completes February 27th Are you ready to get stronger? Enjoy Better posture, and Burn fat? Yes ? People who have professional support are 95% more likely to achieve their goals, Reduce Stress and live a Higher Quality of life. Train in our PRIVATE boutique style studio   Tuesday Thursday… Read More

It’s Monday, the beginning of a brand new week.

Our days are getting longer with more sunny days.   It’s the perfect time for a Spring Makeover. We have the ability to transform our life in multiple ways. We can deliberately influence and create change that improves our life today and tomorrow. Our thoughts, words and actions are seeds (intentions) that we plant in… Read More

Health is an Inside Job

I’d like to offer a few “inner exercises” that may gift you happiness that money cant buy. We live in a fast paced material world with many unspoken but very real external pressures and expectations. Today’s pressures can feed self-loathing, sadness, addiction and fear that can erode the quality of our lives if we live… Read More