The Art of Hypnosis is a brief method or therapy, that uses your subconscious mind to correct imbalanced thinking and remove the negative limiting beliefs that affect decisions. When other forms of therapy haven’t worked, many clients find hypnotherapy to be the key for lifelong change.


Germana discovered the power of hypnotherapy over two decades ago as she yearned to heal from her own negative programming. Her experience in the mind-body field is diverse and holistic, meaning to honour the natural wisdom within the body and to do no harm.

Germana is a certified clinical hypnotherapist in good standing with the Canadian Hypnotherapy Association. This level of certification took 8 years of continuing education. She is a mind-body healer who walks the talk. She has opened a school called Heart Song Hypnotherapy School that is fully accredited and recognized by the Canadian Hypnotherapy Association.

Hypnotherapy services are provided in Nanaimo, however, online sessions can be arranged in order to service clients in the Duncan and Parksville areas and beyond.