Win in Your Life

The journey of a life well-lived has many rooms, many paths, many choices, the message I’m sharing today is connected to how we take care of ourselves as we move into the winter season.

December is getting closer it’s a time of year that can be crazy-making if we don’t have or build a (Win/Win) relationship with ourselves and our people.

Many of us get caught up in doing for others as a survival strategy that makes sense up to a point and can become detrimental to our health and happiness on many levels, it can lead us into pain grief and regret as our body reminds us that it needs attention as well.

The wake-up call can be an injury, fatigue, weight gain, or a medical crisis.

We are not to beat ourselves up for being human or distracted, that’s not the point. The point is “do you think it’ll (your quality of life and health will) improve if you ignore yourself and your internal needs? “ Common sense tells us (No) yet we need to have the courage to tell ourselves the truth. Otherwise, we may require a more intense and extreme cry for help from our bodies.

At this time in the world we are living in a way that doesn’t honor how we’re designed, we force ourselves to over function, we don’t eat home-cooked foods, “ it’s not a priority” we might drink or medicate ourselves to sleep and exercise is something we keep putting off until we have or make time.

Some of us think exercise is punishment, which is unfortunate, children and adults can enjoy life by being and staying active, our brain releases endorphins that reduce pain, improve energy, help manage blood sugar depression and anxiety. It’s nature’s therapy.

When we live by the laws of nature we grasp the seriousness of how our choices impact our quality of life.

It’s the same as gravity, you can’t outsmart gravity, and the same is true for nature.

Our body is the vehicle that we live in if we take care of it, it’s a more pleasant journey.

It will break down and require assistance at times, yet when you adopt certain habits and implement them into your day, you WIN. It’s a deposit into your “ME” account.

If you think a doctor or a pill will fix it, I hate to upset anyone yet we all know it’s like putting duct tape on a broken arm. It’s ok to get medical help, there’s a time and a place for a Doctor.

Ask yourself how much time a day you invest in taking care of yourself.

Do you brush and floss your teeth?

Do you wear clean clothes?

Consider adding 30-40 minutes of exercise a day to help your body age well.

Most of us have a story about not having or making time, that story keeps us in a lose relationship with our most precious asset and investment, ourselves.

If we lose so do our people, remember that.

We all have the power to create a better life; it’s not a mystery that’s only for “ those lucky people “.

It’s the laws of nature expressing itself in someone else.

How we think and talk to ourselves has the biggest impact on what we accept and choose for our life.

When we observe what we tell ourselves minute by minute and ask yourself “ Is this data re an undeniable fact, or is it a story I keep telling myself?”

Once we master that kind of self-honesty we stop reacting to life from a position of (I can’t, I don’t have time, I’m too old etc) we stop sabotaging ourselves.  If you’re still reading this, you’re ready to learn how to Win in the game of life and enjoy a higher quality of life.

The key is to take full responsibility for your life, to accept that we’re human and in many cases, we’re afraid which causes us to default to an old pattern and self-sabotage in multiple ways.

How do we break the cycle?

Decide what you want going forward in your life, understand that if your health is poor there’s a very small chance you’ll get what you want. It starts at home, in your skin, in your heart, in the world behind your eyes.

Commit to your personal goals and vision daily, ask yourself if your thoughts and actions are bringing you towards your goals or if you’re distracting yourself by being busy doing avoiding unproductive actions.

If your eating highly processed foods* see what you’re willing to change.

Once I starting eating processed foods again I couldn’t help but notice that I was NEVER SATISFIED. I couldn’t eat enough, this is a RED FLAG verifying that the fake man modified food triggers a portion of our brain to crave more and keep eating while we become malnourished.

This is created on purpose; we keep eating and remain malnourished.

Weight and mood issues often become a vicious cycle.

If you change one thing, your making progress!

You could:

Drink warm water w lemon to sooth a fatigued body.

Commit to going to sleep earlier * in bed and sleeping by 10:30 pm

Eat real food for breakfast (not drive through) eggs w veggies n cheese?

Place high-quality snacks in your glove box (raw nuts, a high-quality protein bar)

Buy more vegetables and enjoy them raw, steamed, roasted w butter to fill you up w some affordable and nutritious meats.

Schedule time in for body training, it can be walking, dancing, jogging, and the crown jewel is strength training.

Stop looking for perfection in yourself or others and become your own best friend.

Create a gratitude ritual. Write down who or what your truly grateful for in your life.

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