Injury Rehabilitation


As our name suggests we specialize in ensuring that everyone has an “able body” regardless of the challenges that you’re facing or may have faced in the past.

Injury rehabilitation is overseen by Germana, who has dedicated extensive hours and training to learn how to strengthen and condition areas that are recovering from injury. We strive to get you back to an even better version of you. 

Able Body Consulting provides an holistic approach to injury rehabilitation, supporting your healing through body awareness, posture, breathing, and functional strengthening exercises. We are a unique eco-system which requires attention to all aspects of ourselves to remain well as we move through our recovery.

Germana’s health and fitness education and her experience as a conjunctive Rehabilitation Trainer and contractor provide a comprehensive understanding of how the body moves and heals.  She knows how specific injuries impede mobility and cause pain, and can identify what may have been overlooked in cases of:

  • Car Accidents
  • Post Surgery
  • Sports Injuries
  • Repetitive Strain

Our injury rehabilitation programs promote healing through a series of prescribed corrective exercises that prevent the re-injury cycle, and facilitate a wider range of motion which in many cases becomes pain free. Strengthening exercises, nutritional balance, and motivation all play a vital role in a complete recovery.