Strength Training


Your health systems include a package and personalized program to support you to BECOME YOUR PERSONAL BEST. Health is achieved by harmonizing THE BODY, MIND, and SPIRIT. I can help you rebuild your health and fitness needs.

Strength Training is the key to longevity, injury prevention and a higher quality of life. Becoming Able Bodied is all about body awareness and STRENGTH.

We all need to keep our muscles stronger and functional to enjoy a higher quality of life. We lose strength with injuries, age, and illness. Ongoing strength training will improve your physical and mental body; you will lose weight and look great.

Very little equipment is required. Consider joining or co-creating a small group for strength training. The service can be provided in studio, online, or in your agreed upon location.

Group Strength Training

Group strength training combines a blend of group fitness with corrective one-on-one support and feedback. Offered in a small private class setting, group strength training offers an affordable alternative to personal training. You’ll feel welcomed and supported by the personal attention provided to help you get the most value for your training time and efforts. Many of Germana’s clients graduate from personal training sessions to group strength training in order to stay consistent, focused, and in the best shape of their life.



4 Classes Per-Week
6 am – Tuesdays/Thursdays ~ or ~ 5:30 pm – Monday/Wednesday
10 Class Punch Card
2 Months

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