It’s Monday, the beginning of a brand new week.

Our days are getting longer with more sunny days.


It’s the perfect time for a Spring Makeover.

We have the ability to transform our life in multiple ways.

We can deliberately influence and create change that improves our life today and tomorrow.

Our thoughts, words and actions are seeds (intentions) that we plant in our private garden.

We reap what we sow….
The garden of our life is our creation; we can renew the soil, plant new seeds of health, vitality, purpose and self-care.

What we do now provides our harvests of summer and fall.


We prepare ourselves for our definition of success.

Whatever our goals are, We can achieve them….


We have something called “ Free Will” which is the power to choose and influence our life.


Things happen to us all, we still have the ability to create a wonderful lifestyle.


Here are a few things my mentor taught me:

Learn how to say, “YES” to yourself. Believe its possible by starting with “YES” to your dreams.

Realize that we are all doing the best that we can with the tools that we have.

If and when we add tools for change and say, “YES” to ourselves, things get better.

Believe that you are worth the effort of change, its takes 21 days to change a habit pattern.
Create a ritual of self -care.
We all require rituals to create a meaningful life.
A few examples:
• Light a candle and give thanks for your teachers.
• Breath deeply to remind yourself that “things are ok”
• Take care of your body through exercise, quiet time and nutrition.
• Leave people places and things better than the way you found them. (Including yourself)
• Ask yourself “ What’s the highest gift or action of love I can offer in this situation?”
• If you’re concerned about something or someone (pray for them) then let it go.

We are more likely to get what we’ve set ourselves up to achieve.


Success leaves clues….


Say,” YES” to your personal goals.
This is the key any and all positive change, “YES I can, You can, and We can.”
Your subconscious mind is constantly eves dropping on your internal dialog, so find a way to shift negative thoughts or attitudes to positive ones.

Now ask yourself what you’d like to give yourself.

  • Energy?
  • A stronger body?
  • A leaner waistline?
  • Vitality?
  • Youthful resilience?
  • Weight loss?
  • Happiness?
  • Quality of life?

Who do you know, who models these qualities or attributes?
Who would you like to learn from or be inspired by?
Who is walking the walk verses talking the talk but not living it?
Connect with people who have what you want to have, who will support you and cheer you on.

Avoid people who are not solution focused, as they will try to find a way to get you to give up on your goals and your happiness.

Start something new this spring….

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