Health is an Inside Job

I’d like to offer a few “inner exercises” that may gift you happiness that money cant buy.

We live in a fast paced material world with many unspoken but very real external pressures and expectations.
Today’s pressures can feed self-loathing, sadness, addiction and fear that can erode the quality of our lives if we live externally focused lives.
Many of us feel that we must meet societies expectations to look or appear O.K., this can NEVER work, and it leads to suffering and conflicts.

We may buy things that we don’t want or need, or beat ourselves up for not doing something that we think we should do. Ultimately, we may discover that “we’re not happy”. The hole inside of us can’t be filled by food, stuff, money, or other people’s approval for long.


This awareness in reality could be the beginning of our next healing step.


One that seems too simple to really work.

Most of us buy into the old thinking that say’s “if something outside of me changed I would be O.K.” I would feel safe, happy; I would trust my life again…


After some self-hypnosis, prayer and meditation I asked my creator to help me deal with the loss of my father passing away and my mother being placed in a senior home with dementia

(all of this happened in the same two week period).

I felt sad, I was afraid that I could slip into a deep depression.
I prayed for help….

Within minutes of my asking ” For help,” I went onto my face book feed and I saw a link that asked me to do something that I used to do years ago.
A practice designed by Louise Hay. Metaphysical teacher.
She introduced me to how to heal via accessing the Subconscious mind using therapeutic hypnosis


The exercise offered was simple:

Look into the mirror “into your eyes” and say out loud
” I LOVE YOU… Name”



For 60 seconds five times a day for a week.


Sit with your feelings…

Notice what changes.

I personally, am happier inside. The quality of my inner life has blossomed and things like the rain, computer crashes, and other types of life events have little power to rob me of personal happiness today.

I have been able to forgive myself for being human as a result I am more loving to others and myself today.

Most of us are trained to look everywhere but at ourselves for love, acceptance and approval. Its called “Looking for love in all the wrong places’.

Our Health and Happiness is connected to how we feel about ourselves on the inside.
If you want to create a personalized plan of self love and would like some assistance I invite you to contact me. [email protected] 250-591-5327 cell 250-714-4369


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