I had one big goal…

When I first started seeing Germana at Heart Consulting back in 2013…. I had one BIG goal…. to become a stronger, better rider for Cross Country Mountain Biking. Not only did Germana help me to achieve this goal but she also helped become fit in so many aspects of my life…. I am more toned than I have ever been (at almost 40) and I also have a broader knowledge of nutrition. Learning how important having proper vitamins/minerals along with proper diet can be in your life.

I’ve experienced how different foods can affect my overall health and how it can directly affect my performance. Nutrition is a constant learning curve for me and having Germana by side to help me along and steer me in the right direction as been so important and valuable.

With all the tools and knowledge that Germana has provided me, my riding goals then turned to racing in a Cross Country Mountain Bike Series on Vancouver Island. Being the focused and determined personality that I am…. I didn’t just want to be fit to race…. I wanted to get on that podium, more than once! Well… I did… and not only did I experience standing on the podium (more than once), I also won the 2014 XC Island Cup Series on Vancouver Island for the Intermediate Women Category. Needless to say, I was pretty stoked and could not have achieved this goal on my own! I am now going into my 2nd season of racing and will continue with Germana to enhance my performance, strength, and knowledge!

Whether your goal is to get fit …. for life…. or for competition… or both…. I strongly believe it’s a team effort! Having Germana on your team will get you there with amazing results!

Thank you, Germana!!!!