My husband suggested I try hypnotherapy

I honestly don’t know if I can say anything that hasn’t already been said in previous testimonials!

After years of body image struggles, I thought I’d made peace with my childhood and accepted my body over a decade ago. I am generally a positive, happy, loving person.

This past year, however, I put on 10 pounds and could not lose it. I felt like a puffer fish…due to my own sabotaging.

I felt stuck and with respect to my recovery from an eating disorder, it was like the volume had been turned down for 10 years but it was slowly being turned up.

My husband suggested I try hypnotherapy and I remembered that his mom had said great things about Germana, so I looked up her website, then called her. At our first meeting, she lifted my veil and helped me see exactly what was eating me. (I had a rough idea but she nailed the target) That was 1/2 the battle right there. Then she gave me 3 very simple suggestions to follow and hypnotized me 4 few times and helped disassemble and reprogram old thought patterns I hadn’t realized were still keeping me stuck. (Alas, more unraveling of the onion.) In the 5 weeks that Germana worked with me, I lost 9 pounds and 8 inches. 1 week later I’ve now lost 12 lbs and believe the additional challenges and nutritional awareness she has given me is a path I will stay on for life (And that includes future visits with Germana). Germana is a divine, trustworthy, “been there” person. She is an absolute wealth of knowledge and is extremely supportive, helpful, down to earth, funny and wonderful to talk to. This was the easiest time, I’ve ever had losing weight. I feel satisfied, clear headed and full of energy. I feel empowered and my family is on board with making changes for life by taking responsibility for what is feeding our body that carries our soul for this precious life.”