Germana’s approach impressed me immediately

I began training with Germana Rovinelli five years ago when I was sixty-two.  I am a university professor and had just stepped down from a ten -year administrative position as dean of my faculty.  The job was exciting and exhilarating but also very stressful and time consuming, so over the years I had left weight training aside and rarely went to the gym.  When I came to work with Germana, therefore, I was in very poor shape, tired, weak and apprehensive about taking on new physical challenges.

Two aspects of Germana’s approach impressed me immediately.  First, she took the time to talk with me, establish my general history with respect to health and physical fitness and my overall goals for my training.   Second, having learned my history and goals, she set about creating a program for me that suited my unique needs and that read my body and its capabilities astutely.    She is a superb communicator, so I always understand the point and purpose of what I am doing and why it is important to maintain excellent posture and form in every movement I make.  I also really appreciate her effective combination of patience and tenacity that never makes me feel pushed or rushed, but rather expertly led and supported and that has enabled me to make extraordinary progress over the last five years.  Her knowledge and depth of experience is exceptional and with every new program she creates my strength, balance and confidence in my physical abilities improve.    It was truly been a remarkable journey and one for which I am immeasurably grateful.