Diet DNA and Disease

Breast and Prostate cancer. Reduced reproductive function. Insulin resistance.Type 2 Diabetes. Obesity. And BPA alters the expression of at least 200 genes. The implications are clear: BPA disturbs every biological system in which is has been tested in animals – even in low doses. But the question still remains: If BPA exposure raises the odds… Read More

The Dirty Dozen

Consume five servings a day of the following conventionally grown “dirty doze” fruits and vegetables and, unless they’re grown organically, you’ll eat an average of ten pesticides a day. To avoid pesticide- laden produce: go organic. (Source: environmental working group,   Peaches Apples Bell Peppers Celery Nectarines  Strawberries Cherries Kale  Lettuce Grapes Carrots  Pears  Read More