Prague School of Athletic Development reveals..

I attended a 3-day conference in SFU last weekend
The educator Dr Craig Liebenson from Prague university shares current information gathered worldwide.

I know how important health-based information is in helping people make decisions that improve their quality of life. After all that’s what counts.

He asked us if we knew what the leading cause of death is (in this era)
Not one speaks, he shares.

Apparently as we age, we lose eyesight (I can vouch for that) and we don’t happen to notice that we also lose balance, coordination skills and functional movement patterns (re basic key movement skill and core strength). Hence falling is the number one cause of death. Many of us have a relative or a parent who’s fallen and hurt themselves. Concussions, broken hips arms legs etc. If they were lucky they came back home. Then they had the daunting task if rehabilitation or another unfortunate event.

How do we prevent that type of age related decline?
We need to participate in regular balance/ coordination/ strength training where we train the right and left sides of our body independently.

Tossing a ball supports hand eye coordination. Strength training without machines teaches us how to remain functionally strong, flexible and stable against gravity and the need for quick movements such as tripping, slipping or having to catch something as it begins to fall.

• Standing on one leg is a balance test that you can do anywhere (see how long you can stand upright without putting your other foot down)
• Toss a ball from one hand to the other can help with hand eye coordination
• Learn how to get up and-sit down from a chair to standing with good posture can add life to your years. It’s the same movement as going to the bathroom that we must master as is WALKING
It’s important to maintain our body as we would our car or our clothing. We winterize our car and are wardrobe; we also need a check in with our body to ensure ease of movement, endurance and quality of life.

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