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Be inspired to take loving care if yourself,


Ah self care let me count the ways we can gift ourselves random acts of care….


I’ve had such a incredible / difficult and rewarding life that as I look back on some areas of my history I am truly humbled grateful and stunned that I have such a rewarding life. A nice saying is ” life is 10% of what happens to us and 90% of how we deal with it,” having said that, no one can say that life is easy, it’s full of challenges, disappointments and opportunities to make lemonade out of our lemons.

When we choose to turn things around and take the high road so to speak we are in an act of ” self care of becoming our own very good friend”
We all get hooked in a dance of what we think we aught to do or should do or if we think we’re supposed to feel bad or punish ourselves for things not being the way we expected then we are in the black or in the problem. Stuck and probably not very happy, It becomes internal self loathing, a dance that literally robs us of our power, joy and free will to choose a better path, not to mention our HEALTH.

How do we take the high road ?


Ahh let me count the ways….


Think about this, every time you are in conflict with someone or something your losing energy and vitality.

The situation or the person is subtly controlling you. Having said that,” how do you take the high road and live a better life you ask”, here are some very effective and free tools.


Do the opposite of what you think you should do, if you think someone’s done you wrong and you might want revenge or the last word or something… STOP !
When you want revenge with any situation, dig TWO GRAVES cause ones for you.

You could Pray to learn whatever the lesson in this could be for you.
What did that situation teach you if anything about yourself?
Did you attempt to rescue someone?
Did you want someone to rescue you ?
Did they lie to you or betray your trust?
Did you have an expectation that you did not openly talk about then felt hurt or betrayed when they didn’t telepathically know what you wanted?


I love this saying “when people show you who they are, Thank them”


Now bring the attention back towards yourself.


We all play a part in our pain, so when you can see your part and learn a little bit more about yourself, you probably will learn something very important about you and how to forgive yourself and pick up more functional tools to get your needs met.

If you can send that person, place or situation quiet thankfulness (once you’ve breathed gently through all the mixed feelings inside of you, they will come and have no judgment, just notice them and breath)
Then send forgiveness to the situation, then turn the forgiveness towards YOURSELF.

You’ll need to do this a few times preferably first thing in the morning or before you go to sleep. Anytime is good and your subconscious mind is wide open first thing and just as you drift off to sleep. So it’s a natural self hypnotic process. We all hypnotize ourselves, it’s called (self talk)

Communication is elusive, we need to ask for what we want and take action to create it and gift it to ourselves. Otherwise we let circumstances control our quality of life which is called being a victim.

Being a victim is easy, you get sympathy but you’ve lost something valuable, your power to choose.

Here’s an example.
I looked at my backside in the mirror a few moths back, I was startled and shocked because I expected it to look less big and dimply.

At first I wanted to ridicule myself, beat myself up for being a little fluffier than I thought I should be…. I used to have a eating disorder which was fueled by not accepting myself and loving myself forward.

Around the same time I was reading a book on self esteem, how we build ours or tear it down. The one very powerful word that kept coming to my mind was. CHOOSE.

I IMMEDIATELY TOLD MYSELF I CHOOSE TO LOSE A FEW MORE POUNDS, I CAN DO IT. Bamm that was it and I didn’t get into any negatives around it, I just shopped for the best foods, and took each day at a time. Now it’s less fluffy back there and I am still committed to slimming down to a size that I was in my younger years. About 5 pounds lighter.

Now ask yourself
Your name …… How can I love you today ?”
Put a sign up somewhere and read it regularly. This is a great pattern interrupt for being stuck and in pain, regardless if it’s physical mental or emotional pain.

Then ask yourself ” your name, how can I love you more ?”


I have news for you, you are powerful and you can create a wonderful life regardless of what has happened in your life, if you don’t believe me, let’s have tea..

Some self care tips are:


  • Mail yourself a beautiful card that says ” I love you”
  • Send yourself a Card that says “I love you”
  • Eat and buy high quality food, yes you can afford it
  • Pretty yourself up just because you can, get dressed up and simply enjoy that time.
  • Throw away anything in your house that brings you (crappy feelings ) do a spring clean in any area, cloths, socks, lingerie, shirts, bras, etc. Bring colour into your wardrobe.
  • Clean your desk.
  • Clean your car.
  • Go for a walk, bring a friend or a dog or go rollerblading.
  • Book that trip that you’ve always wanted to do. Use points if you have them, you need to book 9 months in advance if your using some point options, that’ll give you time to hide some spending money.
  • Hire a qualified health and fitness professional to help you navigate through proper food selection and a sensible exercise regime to help you tone up and trim down for your future.

I am running a Spring Makeover Fitness Challenge that gives you about 500 dollars of free service. The average weight loss without being a slave to the program is 20 pounds.
That’s 3.5 ( four litre jugs of milk ) that is no longer fluffing up your body parts
Decide that your worth taking care of
You are

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