Germana is truly the real deal

Germana is truly the real deal and is the standard by which any trainer should be measured.

I have been overweight for more years than I care to say and have always wanted to change that. I have spent years vowing that I’ll start next Monday and next Monday becomes the next and the next because it’s far easier to put it off and sit on the couch for yet another week than taking a courageous leap toward change. And let’s face it; taking that first step is scary.

Fortunately, enough finally did become enough and instead of facing that daunting task toward health and fitness alone I called Germana who became the leverage I needed to achieve a goal that just seemed unattainable.

I have been training with Germana for 6 months and while I am still on my journey I have achieved some amazing results, not only physically but mentally. Fitness is now a part of my life and with Germana’s help and support I have grown to love it.

Germana is without a doubt an expert in her field and a treasure trove of health, fitness and nutrition knowledge, which she shares freely. She makes each workout challenging and creative but most important, she makes it fun! She places a high value on form and as a result, has managed to correct a back issue that plagued me for years and I’m now pain-free. I have truly enjoyed the personal and unique workouts, her easy going style, her friendly personality and relaxed and comfortable atmosphere that she provides. She has motivated me to push past my perceived limits and get some outstanding results. I am forever grateful.”